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West Itchenor Village


West Itchenor is a pleasant little village on the shores of Chichester Harbour. The name Itchenor is derived from Icca, a Saxon chief who occupied the area the Anglo-Saxon word “ora” meaning a bank on the shore which gave Icca-nor or Icca’s hard. The hard is still very much in use. East Itchenor was destroyed by fire following an outbreak of plague and the land was annexed to Birdham in 1441. West Itchenor survived but for conversational purposes it is usually referred to Itchenor.

The civil parish of Itchenor covers an area of just over 500 acres and lies between the parishes of Birdham and West Wittering about six miles south of Chichester. Apart from farming, shipbuilding has always played a prominent part in the history of the village. The boatyards of Itchenor were responsible for some historic vessels built during the Napoleonic Wars and in the 1939-45 conflict, landing craft were constructed and sailed from Itchenor on D-Day 1944. The boat yard is now actively concerned in the construction and fitting-out of yachts and pleasure cruisers and there are in addition two boat repair yards. There are no shops in the village. There is one public house. There is also a very active and well known Sailing Club

The original small village began to be extended during the early part of the 20th Century as sailing for amateurs gained in popularity and there are now houses lining the road in an almost unbroken chain from the main Birdham - West Wittering road down to the Hard. The properties vary from mansions to bungalows and cottages. The residents take pride in their homes and gardens and a feature of the village is the well-kept wide grass verges along the road.

There is no school in the village, and primary school children got to Birdham or West Wittering, and secondary school children to Chichester or Selsey.

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